Free Standing Water Cooler NJ

Free Standing Water Cooler NJ

Free Standing Water Cooler NJ $59.99 $39.99 (Per Month)


  • Temperature Adjustment
  • Hot/ Extra hot/ Cold/ Room Temperature
  • Digital Display
  • Clock and Timer
  • Children Safety Switch
  • Superior Filtration system
  • Built-in Pressure Reducer
  • Energy Saving Mode

Product Description

Price is for our Monthly Rental Package. Include installation and filter replacements throughout the rental period.

  • advanced purification system
  • Smart interface
  • filtration and installation kit installed
  • delivery
  • Temperature adjustment hot/cold/room temp.
  •  digital panel extra hot button timer children safety switch
  •  built-in pressure reducer
  • automatic sterilization system
  •  NSF advanced filtration system
  • 3000 gallon 12 months filter
  • full 36 months service warranty

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Free Standing Water Cooler NJ