Water Dispenser Installation NJ

Water Dispenser Installation Steps:

Our water dispenser technicians are WQA certified and experienced in water dispenser installations.

  • 1

    Locating the nearest water source

    We start by finding the nearest cold water supply source which is typically the nearest sink.

    Installation Step 1
  • Installation Step 2

    Installing the "T" fitting

    Installing a “T” fitting allows the sink faucet and the water dispenser to share the same intake line.

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    Connecting to the water dispenser

    We then attach a water hose to the “T” to the water dispenser by running the supply hose through walls or ceilings.

    Installation Step 3
  • Installation Step 4

    Cover and secure water supply fixtures

    Finally, our installers cover and hide all hoses and attachments from the water supply to ensure a clean finished looking install.

  • 5

    Enjoy your fresh clean water

    Your bottle-less water cooler is now ready to use! Enjoy an endless supply of fresh, temperature controlled clean water.

    Installation Step 5
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Water Dispenser Installation NJ